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If You realy love your guitar, the professional case is something you should think about. It doesn’t matter if You use your instrument only in free time as it’s your passion or maybe you play in a band or perform as a professional Player. In all those cases your guitar deserves something special – unique, 100% handmade and one-of-a-kind case. 

We are not a factory with a lot of guitar cases in the same forms, colours and made of the same materials. We don’t offer same sizes of the Guitar cases, because we always create everything to measure. 

In our opinion, guitar case is very important thing. It may identify You as an owner of your instrument and create your individual image!

There is a lot of aspects that influence on quality of the guitar case. The materials used to produce it are very important because the safety of your guitar depends on them. They may also improve user experience comfort.

best kind of materials used to create

Top-quality materials from Poland

The products are fully handmade in my atelier in Bielsko Biała, using top-quality material from Poland. The cases are made completely from wood, a decidedly better choice than plastic. Wood has a great advantage in the ability to absorb and release humidity, in the same way as the instrument, which prevents temperature shock and creates a perfect climate buffer. Before the instrument becomes overly dry, the wooden case would need to dry out first; fortunately, this process takes time. If there is too much humidity in the surrounding air, the case will take several days to absorb it. The outer lid is covered with “Eco Leather” lined with polyurethane absorber. All this creates an ANTI–SHOCK system (there are a total number of seven layers on the lid). The case is soft on the outside, which means that whenever it falls on hard surface polyurethane will absorb the shock and protect the instrument. In cases made of hard, plastic materials the shocks can be so violent that even falls from a low height can damage the delicate construction of the guitar. The use of “Eco Leather” ensures an exclusive look and better protection against rain. Moreover, after wiping with a damp cloth the case always looks like new. The interior of the case is lined with top-quality velour and reinforced with polyurethane, which provides an additional anti-shock buffer. To highlight the artistic quality of my cases, I decided to complement them with a hand-sewn handle. The handle consists of 4 layers of materials sewn together with a needle and thread. I offer a rich array of colours for the “Eco Leather” range, and three types of inner lining to choose from.

what we can do?

cases for all types of guitars

Choose one of our projects or ask us for create something on your demand!

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why our cases is the best choice?

There are many aspects to mention if we had to Tell why our cases are so special. Here are only a few of many reasons why is it worth to have professional, handmade Guitar Case:

  • Very elegant, representative style
  • Protective properties
  • Highest quality of materials
  • Very comfortable bearing element attached to each case
  • Luxury interior of the case in many variants of colours
  • Nobody else cannot have the same case – there are not two of the same cases in the World, because we always do everything measure to your instrument and on your individual demand!

This is not even a half of the reasons why our guitar cases are so special and appreciated around the World. If You want to know them all – just contact with us!

We do everything individually on your demand.

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