Handmade Cases

Unique cases for all types of guitars made to measure. Everything matched to your requests and made of the highest quality materials. We are creating cases for You since 1987!


about us

Cases produced by ART Case Artur Benedykt are widely recognized and appreciated by eminent luthiers and guitarists from all around the world. We are creating unique cases since 1987.

My mission statement is to produce elegant, one-of-a-kind guitar cases, exhibiting not only a perfect style but also protective properties. My products’ great merit is their extremely high quality. In my work I use materials made in Poland. I choose not to work with cheap products and always aim at the highest quality, which is why I personally test my materials beforehand. I have also designed a very comfortable bearing element which is attached to each case. It is characterised by perfect balance and comfortable for carrying. For the exterior of my cases I use a material called “Eco Leather”. This is a substitute for natural leather, it is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and does not absorb water. Due to their construction, my wooden cases “cooperate” well with the instrument and are classified as “warm cases”. I am a sole trader, which is why my output amounts to 10 bespoke cases monthly, manufactured to the requests of my clients. 

Every case is designed with passion and engagement.

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Made of high quality materials.
Designed in unique style.
Individually tailored.
our products

more than just a cases.

Fully Handmade

We create everything from the begining to the end by ourselves. That make our cases unique, original and one-of-a-kind. You won't find the same case anywhere else!

Highest quality

To produce our cases we use the best materials only from Poland. That make our products durable and beautiful.

Unique & individual

We do cases on your request. Everything is created individually, matched to your instrument. That's why we take measure!

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our workshop

Benedykt Art Case workshop is based in Europe, Poland. It’s very good place to create our cases, because of local high quality of materials. We only use materials from polish producers. Every case is made from the begining to the end by our specialists. That is what made our cases unique and high-demanded around the World.

cases for all types of guitars

perfect for your guitar

Our cases are made to measure.

Guitar case is an art.

We always create with a passion. There is no way to find any misstakes in our work. That’s why we never had any returns – our clients are always very happy of our work, because there is no place for misstakes. CASE IS AN ART – and ART does not forgive even the slightest shortcomings. 

Every guitar case is created for many days by our specialist. There is many things to do with it to make it good-looking, fuctional and durable for many years.

If You want to see what is the different between guitar cases from factories and handmade guitar cases from our workshop – please try our guitar case once, and probably you won’t change it for anything else!