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Guitar Harness is fully handmade product created in my artistic studio. This is a convenient option that is usually used by guitar makers and guitarists who travel a lot. Thanks to this solution, the case with the instrument can be comfortably carried on the back, just like a backpack. The harness is suitable for all cases that have hooks (guitars, violins, double basses, cellos, mandolins). After all, this item may improve general look of your guitar case and make your style more unique. You can choose one of many different colours to make it consistent with your guitar case.

We can say that guitar case without guitar harness is like suitcase without handle. It cannot be comfortably used to move it from place to place. In our opinion guitar harness is totally worth buying addition to your guitar case, and what is more, it doesn’t cost a lot, even if it’s still full handmade and very high quality item. 

Fuctional & practical

Comfortable Carrying

The shoulder pad of the harness is made of a vinyl material with a different pattern structure. To provide cushioning, EVA foam was used, which remains flexible during use. Additionally, the shoulder pad is lined with breathable 3D fabric for extra comfort.

We offer two types of carabiners:

1) strength 15 kg / carabiner width 4 cm

2) strength 80 kg / carabiner width 4 cm

Harnesses are equipped with a length adjuster and a 4 cm carrying strap.

These properties let You move your guitar from place to place in very comfrotable and safe way.

Scroll down to see examples of our handmade guitar harnesses!

handmade & high quality

carrying harness for guitar case

Guitar Carrying Harness
Guitar Carrying Harness
Guitar Carrying Harness
Guitar Carrying Harness
Guitar Carrying Harness
Guitar Carrying Harness
Guitar Carrying Harness
Guitar Carrying Harness

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